General Information

Today the development of photonic devices for a new generation of information technology systems, LED technology and solar energy can’t be reached without a creation of fundamentally new optical materials, including nanomaterials.

The aim of the international scientific laboratory: the research and development of new multifunctional nanostructured materials based on optical glasses and glass-ceramics doped with rare earths ions, transition and noble metals ions, molecular clusters, metal nanoparticles, dielectric and semiconductor nanocrystals, for problems of photonics, plasmonics, biosensors, laser and LED technology, solar energy.

The objective of the international scientific laboratory includes:

  • Development of composition and synthesis technology of optical materials based on glasses and glass-ceramics doped with rare earths, transition and noble metals, molecular clusters, metal nanoparticles, dielectric and semiconductor nanocrystals;
  • The structure and physical and chemical properties of new nanostructured optical materials, as well as their operating characteristics;
  • Design and development of optical components and devices based on a new nanostructured materials for photonics and plasmonics: waveguides, holographic filters, nonlinear optical limiters, biosensors, phosphors.