Equipment for machine processing of optical material

  • CNC-Controlled 6-Axis Optical Machine Center for Polishing and Fine-Correction of Aspheres (Axis and Off-Axis Aspheres) and Freeform Surfaces up to Ø 500 mm MCP 500 CNC OptoTech Optikmaschinen GmbH


  • 5+1-Axis polishing and correction polishing machine for pre-polishing and highly accurate correction polishing of pre-polished workpieces made of glass, ceramics etc.
  • The large range of usable tools like Polishing Wheel (Wheel Polishing Technology), Active Fluid Jet Polishing (A-FJP), tools for SynchroSpeed polishing and different pitch and membrane tools make the MCP-Series a universal machine for optical processing
  • Maximum flexibility combined with the largest possible working chamber
  • Different expansion options offer maximum variability
  • Full online connection between the entire working cell (MCG Series with MCP Series and Metrology). Even freeform surfaces can be fine corrected by correction dataset
  • Direct interface to tactile and optical surface measuring systems like Taylor-Hobson Form Talysurf, Mahr MarSurf, Mitutoyo or OptoTech Interferometers
  • Use of conventional consumables (e.g. Cerium oxide as the polishing medium, polyurethane as the polishing medium carrier)
  • Optional Hydro Expansion Chuck (HD 25, HD 40 or HD 80)


  • 350 mm Abrasive Cutter BUEHLER PowerMet 3000, The IsoMet 1000 precision sectioning saw, The IsoMet 4000 High Precision Saw for cutting various material types including optical materials and nanocomposite materials with miminal deformtaion

Tabletop semi-automatic grinder-polisher mashines BUEHLER BETA with Vector LC 250 Power Head for grinding and polishing optical material surface.


  • Unique bowl shape for easy access to 200mm or 250mm platens.
  • Varible platen speed for 50 up to 500 r.p.m.
  • Semi-automatic addition VECTOR LC 250 Power Head
  • Sample force for 0 up to 50 N in 5 N increments.